About Us

RJS is an ingenious global way of life company, producing an extensive collection of denims, clothes and devices.

Since its development in 1978, RJS has actually experienced remarkable development and has actually progressed from being a leading leader in jeans into the world of premium sportswear, becoming a real option to the recognized luxury market.

RJS's approach has actually stayed the like the day of its development: RJS had actually imagined a brand name that would mean enthusiasm, uniqueness and self-expression. RJS grows on change: it produces no less than 3,000 brand-new items every season and every one stems from a procedure of massive imaginative liberty, making sure consistent development.

RJS: We translate the world around us, take it apart and open what we believed we understood. We see in a different way and unify with those who see it too. Draw your very own course. March in the streets with us. Particularly the ones our streets are on.